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Green Half-Screen on Fuji 50" Plasma

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Need some help on my Fuji 50/30 Plasma. Tried doing search, but didn't find anything on point, but I apologize in advance if this is a repost.

When I'm watching DVD on my old Panasonic progressive-scan DVD player (the model number escapes me for now), occasionally (but not always), on a full dark screen (say just before opening credits or when going to main menu), the right-half of the screen would be dark, but the left half would have a slight green tint to it. Only occurs while viewing DVD. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the plasma or the DVD player? If it's the plasma, is it a calibration issue or something more substantial? Any help would be appreciated it.
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It is probably the dvd player. Can you borrow another one and try it?

It could also be something wrong with the input circuitry you're plugged into. Is there another available connection that you can test on?

According to all the people on this forum, Fujitsu is the god of plasmas and is flawless so it has to be the dvd player.
There are some DVD players which are known for putting a greenish tinge on near-blacks. Your best bet would be to search and/or post on the DVD player forum here and see if your model is known to be one of those

Try the DVD player on an alternative style of input. Try a different DVD player or some other source device on the same input. Try to isolate what combinations reproduce this problem.

Calibration DVDs like Avia have black and near black test screens that you can use as test cases. The only thing I can think of as a calibration problem would be if you had the black levels on the display (Brightness control) cranked up so far that the display is turning on the occassional pixel in an effort to raise the over-all light output even though it is supposed to be displaying black -- a type of rounding error. But that would usually happen all across the screen. Of course if there's an electronics problem in the display itself, you would expect to see the problem with any source device you use via that input.

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My Panasonic RP-82 has 3 Picture Modes:

N: Normal mode

C1: Mellows images and enhances detail in dark scenes

C2: Sharpens images and enhances detail in dark scenes

If I set The Picture Mode to C1 or C2 , I get lots of "Green Moss" in some DVDs titles with dark scenes. Especially the C2. Not sure which model you have but you might check out if there's a Picture Mode option and change to Normal to see if there's any improvement.
Are you using fine mode?

I think this is a problem specific to the P50 ... I've seen it in 3 different units, using Sony 9000ES, Lexicon RT10, Linn 1.1, and Ayre DX-7(at a dealership of course, I don't own all these players), through any of the inputs, including DVI and dSub. I wasn't able to reproduce it on the HD P42 or P55.

Try the following: display a black/dark solid screen, such as a dark IRE gray field from AVIA or DVE. Or even a black screen when your DVD is not playing (if you can set it that way). Increase brightness ... does the screen split eventually at some higher brightness setting?

A workaround: when you see the split screen, press the picture mode button to "reset" the screen. In fact, whenever you switch inputs, press the mode. In all units I've tried, this problem could appear only when you switch to an input without pressing mode.
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