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Green screen phenomena on RP CRT?

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Hi all,

I am not a RP owner, but my parents have an older Mits WT-46809. I have the hardest time watching this set because every time I blink or shift my eye to a different part of the screen, the screen appears to flash all green(like the "raindow effect" on DLP only it's all green). What would be the source of this and more importantly, how can I correct this? Could it be that the green gun is so overdriven that this is occuring? The color balance doesn't appear to be off by any apparent amount.

Being a direct-view CRT owner, I cringe every time I am around this set. My folks notice it, but don't want to do much about it. I would like to give them the gift of more enjoyable viewing (I just convinced them to order the HD package from their cable provider and are now witnessing what this 6yr old set is capable of.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Hmm, not exactly sure what to make of your description of the problem, but a few things-

Does it happen on all inputs/channels?

What Tv provider do they use and how is the box connected?

Have they ever had the Tv cleaned & converged?

In the menu, if you turn the color level to zero, is the picture perfectly B&W (no shades of grn)?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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