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Here's the current state of affairs:


&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - HTPC (Home Theater PC)

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Pioneer Elite DV-05 DVD player

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Phillips DirecTIVO w. Ethernet and HDD mods

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Audiotron

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - cheap Toshiba VCR

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Denon AVR-5700 receiver

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - HTPC (MAudio Revolution card)
Main speakers: Paradigm Studio 40s
Center speaker: Paradigm Studio CC
Surround speakers: Paradigm Studio ADPs
Subwoofers: DIY subwoofer, tuned to 16Hz. 2 Stryke HE-15 drivers, 4 Stryke 18" PRs, dual enclosures driven by a Crown K2 amp (1250W/ch)
Speaker cable: 10 gauge zip cord for subwoofer, 12 gauge for other speakers
Audio interconnect: RS & AR premium interconnect
Video cable: AR s-video & Canare V-5CFB component cable. Quad shield coax for CATV/DSS runs.
Front PJ: Electrohome Marquee 8500 CRT PJ. Black exterior w. fan mod and LVPS mod. Color gels added to the red and green guns.
Screen: Blackout curtain over melamine & velvet borders. I may remove the blackout curtain and paint the melamine with the Goo paint in the future.
Other display: Toshiba 55" 4:3 RPTV (not HD). SVM disabled & Duvetyne lined interior
HTPC details:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Asus P4PE/L MB

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - 3.04 Ghz P4 w. Zalman cooler

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - MAudio Revolution sound card

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Radeon 9700 video card w. Zalman heat sink

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - DivCo Fusion II HDTV card

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Toshiba DVD drive

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - 30G Seagate Barracuda V HDD

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Enermax power supply

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Ahhanix DVine 4 HTPC case

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - Software is Win XP Home, Theatertek, DScaler & Powerstrip.
HD antenna:ChannelMaster Advantage 3018 (in attic, unamplified)
Remote control: Home Theater Master MX-800 IR/RF remote control.
Equipment Rack: DIY Flexi rack. 4 Gloss black shelves, 3/4" bolts.
Software Rack: DIY Flexi rack. 6 curved gloss black shelves.
Seating:3 Berkline Cinema 99s & a Berkline sofa. All black leather.

My DVD Collection: Click here for my DVD profiler entry.

Headphone System:

- Etymotic ER-4P (with 4S mod)

- Headroom Cosmic amp

- iPod v.1

- I currently use my DV-05 as my critical listening source but am looking at SACD options.

Future plans:Still waiting to get the Radeon modded. Down the road I may add lighting control and control the HTPC via remote (add an IR receiver and start mucking with Girder).
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