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Hello, I need your inputs on a point, sorry if my question appear basic to some.

I just got a copy of the DVE (Digital Video Essential) Blue Ray DVD in the hope to align my HC3800 PJ and my LCD HDTV.

While explanations on the DVD are mostly sufficient, it did not give much information on how to adjust grey color balance without the services of a professional. They talk of using some instrument or a comparison chart, but none is distribute with the DVD.

I understand how I can use a instrument to measure the grey color balance on my LCD HDTV using the probe on the TV, but how can I do that on the screen to adjust the PJ? Do you know if some kind of instrument is available to adjust PJ?

Maybe I can find a chart somewhere, but how can I use it in a dark home theater room? I need at least some light to check the chart, and that light will affect the PJ image, so I have difficulty figuring out how I can use a chart to adjust the PJ.

So, my point, How can I adjust my grey color balance (R.G.B.) to match the proper grey reference? (Not too blue or too green)

For now, I simply did it using my taste, but I have no way to be sure it is properly adjusted.

At this point, most adjustment are quite simple to perform (grey level, black level, etc), but the grey color balance puzzle me. I did try to match the PJ with my HDTV, but it's hard to do.

All this, because the green did not appear correct when I use the color filter provide with the DVE kit. It's easy to set the blue, the read is perfect, but the green is not. Maybe it's because of misalignment of the grey color balance or the color conversion is imperfect in the PJ.

I also observe that the grey color balance is not uniform on the screen, it change from reddish to greenish from left to right.

Anyway, the PJ picture look great as is, I just wish to tweak it near perfection as much it's possible.

Thanks for your suggestion and help.

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