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Humor: 9

Actiing: 7

Casting: 9

Story/Plot: 7

Video: 5

Sound: 5

Direction: 6


Overall: 7.5 - A good low-intensity flick for just kicking back, worth a rental.

This relatively low budget flick delivers what you would expect from PG-13 skater movie. It looks like some guys just wanted to make a good skateboard flick that would sell, and thats what they made.

It follows 4 skater boy characters in pursuit of fame and fortune in this pop culture sport.

The characters are likeable enough: the main skater boy is the handsome Mike Vogel and theres a clownish funny guy skater boy played by Vince Veluf who definitely made me laugh out loud a few times.

So if your looking for some lighthearted pop culture film with good solid college-dorm humor ( but not too raunchy, it keeps a PG-13 rating), no violence (HURRAY!) , and hot hot girls ( lol, and guys I guess), then you shouldnt be too disappointed in this flick.

The skating is good, but not enough of it.

Technical Review:

I watched the full-screen version stretched ( hey it was on 5 bucks) and the video was "fine", definitely not great, but I wasnt expecting LOTR.

Audio: There was some nice surround action on the skate scenes, but overall I would just say the sound was "competent".

Cinematography/Production : Nothing spectacular, had a low budget feel, but they caught some nice skating shots, and told the story very competetently.

There were a couple scenes where the color balance of the film seemed to change jarringly...
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