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Group-Buy / Best Price on 60/80GB Maxtor?

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With things beginning to move on the Drive Hack front, I was wondering if there was any interest in some type of group buy on the 60/80GB drives.

If anyone here is a computer dealer, would they be willing to sponsor a group buy?

The concept behind a group buy is that a certain number of people pool their resources to buy product at wholesale or a discounted price. I've participated in several group buys for auto parts and car stereo, and they work well so long as enough people commit. If not enough people join, the deal just doesn't happen.

In the absence of a group buy, I was wondering what the best prices are that people have found on the 60/80GB Maxtor Drives?


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I just got an 80 gig maxtor for $245 + $7.50 shipping on E-bay

Ships Monday

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