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Group Hug!

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Hi Gang

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of their help since I joined this forum over a year ago. I had some friends over the other night and everyone was blown away by the set-up I have and I too am still impressed with my projector everytime I turn it on.

If it wasn't for the advice I have received here I wouldn't be where things are today.

I guess when we chat it up without seeing any faces it's easy to take the information for granted.

Thanks again.
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Right back atcha!
It is nice when people notice all the hard work that goes into your setup. I think that what makes this fun. You tweak and tweak until you get it just right, so you and others can enjoy it. It even interesting when you tell them how you get all your information about home theater. Most get a very puzzled look in there face when you tell them there is a Home Theater Forum on the internet. The people that bother me are the ones that can't tell a bad picture from a great one. Like a projector running at 15Khz and one running at 33Khz or higher. I have to hold back from saying "What, are you blind!" :)

SondekLP12:Wow there is actual more than one Hoosier on this forum. Up to now it seemed like Indiana was the CRT desert.

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