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I'm patiently waiting for fixes to things, but I must admit I am growing frustrated by the day. Though I have worked through most issues others are having with this unit - they continue to crop up randomly, apparently "unsolving" themselves.

Periodically, seemingly randomly the PBO will not connect to my Win7 machine even though i have no password set it will demand a password - this is only solved by a reboot of my win7 machine (annoying). Creating a shortcut temporarily solved this, but now it effects the shortcuts as well.

Connection speeds are a pain. I have a wireless N bridge set up which initially solved most playback probs, but again it seems as though I'm working backwards. My entire network operates smoothly, but the PBO is developing random playback (speed related) issues with the simplest of files.. easily tested by playing the files directly from a HD plugged into the PBO or on other machines connected to the network- and no - no one is running a microwave or similar in the background... this is something resident in the unit causing this.

The fan... it's a joke. taking the unit apart, tinkering with it... isolating the fan with bushings, placing the unit on its end or side have done nothing to solve this HUGE irritant.

Unit still cannot support some basic file types.

that is all.

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