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grumbling noise from sub

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I just got a new hsu vtf 2 mk 3 subwoofer, and I've hooked it up to my receiver but was unable to get any sound save for a grumbling noise, just like a stomach growling. After trying different settings, flipping different switches, and turning many dials, I still got very quiet grumbling noises. Then I unplugged the rca connecting the sub to the receiver so it was only plugged into the wall and the grumbling continued at random intervals. Does this sound like a defective sub?
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Unfortunately, yes it does sound like a defective sub.
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I had the same problem. In my case it turned out to be defective RCA sub cable supplied by HSU. A new $3.99 cable from Radio Shack cured the issue. However, I did not get the problem with a disconnected RCA cable. Talk to Pete at HSU. He helped me.
Could be rats behind the wall crewing on the cable and it's shorted out? Take a different lead and connect it up close or near by the AVR and see if the noise persists.

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Maybe your sub is hungry...
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Well the building is brand new so no pests at all. I called Hsu and talked to someone (either Dr. Hsu or Pete, are they the same person?) and they were surprised, but I'm going to Anaheim this weekend to return it and to demo and most likely buy the VTF3 MK3 with turbo.

I'll try feeding the sub something tonight though just in case, you never really know when it comes to these things.
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