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GSG group buy Ohio?

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Anyone interested in doing a group buy to decrease shipping costs with GSG? I live in Tuscarawas county OH and shipping for 2 Mini Martys to my location is $300 (yikes!). Would be great to find others interested in ordering as well to split the cost with.
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Look for someone that has access to a loading dock too, that will cut some of the price as well.
Look for someone that has access to a loading dock too, that will cut some of the price as well.
I might be able to have it delivered to where I work. Would need to get the OK though. There is a loading dock and a forklift that could be used.
ok... So I got the approval to have a freight delivery where I work at in Dover, Ohio. This would cut the shipping cost down to $200. Would make the split cost $100 each or cheaper if anyone else jumped in. Kevin form GSG said that they can easily fit 4 cabinets on a pallet. I haven't decided if I am going to order 2 Mini Martys or 2 Marty Cubes yet but either way that will take up 2 of the slots. If we end up ordering the same enclosures we could take advantage of a 4 pack discount as well. I am sure the chance of finding anyone within reasonable distance of me to do a buy is slim but I am all about saving $$$ where I can :)
Talked to a rep from GSG and the 4 pack discount can be applied no matter what enclosures are ordered. I am going with 2 mini Marty's so the other 2 can be any enclosure and we will still get a discounted price. Everything will be shipped to my place of employment in Dover Ohio and I will then transport everything to my house in New Philadelphia OH. I can keep the flat picks in my dining area until you are ready to pick them up which will make things a bit easier. I believe GSG will send invoices to each of us individually for the amount that each would owe. This would be rough a $280 savings for me alone considering the business shipping discount, split shipping of $100 each for the combined shipping, and the 4 pack discounted price. Great opportunity to save some $$$ if wanting to do a GSG build and live close enough to take advantage of the savings!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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