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I picked up a Zotac GeForce GT 430 PCI card for an old bookshelf Asus Pundit system (and no it doesn't fit well; it's jammed against the case
). To cut to the chase I was under the impression that I could get 5.1 digital audio through the HDMI output on this card. But after a couple of days messing with ReClock, AC3Filter, various NVidia High Definition Audio drivers and reading posts here and elsewhere, I'm forming the conclusion that because I'm still on XP, that there is an issue passing the digital signal. The end AVR is a B&K receiver, the HDMI is also going through a ViewHD converter to split into VGA and Toslink (yeah, this is an old school system). The ViewHD box has been tested and passes DD audio from a SageTV HD300 streamer. So far, I can only get 2 channel analog to work via the GT430. Switching to SPDIF bypass, which is usually what works with the Pundit's RealTek chipset results in no sound and AC3Filter says the bypass isn't supported.

The ViewHD might have something to do with it, but it has a switch on the front to tell the source whether you are using 2 channel or 5.1. Since the HD300 works fine, I believe it isn't the ViewHD.

It's possible that it might work with the S/PDIF jack that I believe I spied on the card via a jumper cable from the audio on motherboard, but that's not was I was looking for (and the fact that the jumper cable was not included in the box makes me think it isn't necessary for this generation GeForce card). Others seems to generate and pass digital audio fine with the GT430 on Windows 7 alone, with maybe some help with ReClock and WASAPI, but no where have I seen anyone do this with XP. When I did actually make output work via ReClock, kernel streaming and a 6 channel source, all that passed through the HDMI was the ambient surround channels. But I have yet to see the B&K register a digital input via this setup. :-/

I haven't tried ffdshow or LAV Splitter yet, which I guess would be the next step if I was to continue to try to solve this on XP (I'm currently using Haali). The end result is to get this to work with SageTV BTW. Oh and currently the NVidia forums are down due to a possible attack, so can't go there for help.

Not a big deal if I can't as I can always continue to run from the RealTek optical on the Asus Pundit to get multi channel, but it would have been cool if the GT430 worked. Still this is a great passive video card for a box that only has PCI slots in it. VMR9 video is smooth which I thought wouldn't be possible in this box.

If anyone has any thoughts on this (besides "upgrade to Windows 7 idiot".... which may be the best answer
) I'd appreciate it.
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