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I was recently forced to upgrade to a newer graphics card because my 8500GT died. I'm having mixed results with a GT430 card and an Epson 6500UB.

With the 259.36 drivers, the 6500UB works fine at every resolution including 1080p60 and 1080p24. I don't bitstream audio right now, so these drivers are OK. But I plan to upgrade my receiver next.

With 260.89 or 260.99, direct HDMI connection to the 6500UB is broken. At 1080p60, the PJ reports that it can't display the signal, although the frequencies look about right (H=67.62kHZ, V=60.11Hz). At 1080p24, the frequencies are completely off (H=571.3kHz, V=143.74Hz). At 480p, the display is a complete mess: random blobs of colors with mismatched H-freq.

The link is reported as HDCP-enabled. I suspect some kind of miscommunication between card and PJ. I checked the EDID (moninfo) with 259 and 260 drivers and they are the same. Just in case, I did an EDID override using the data grabbed with the 259 drivers running. No deal.

The card has an HDMI and a DVI port and they both show the same issue. VGA analog out is fine. I tried the card in another PC, same deal. The DVI port works with a non-HDCP monitor. I don't have another HDCP-enabled display to test.

Has anyone successfully linked a GT430 card running the latest drivers to an Epson 6500UB? Anything else I should check?

HTPC specs: Gigabyte 965P-DS3, Intel e6300, Galaxy GT430, 2GB RAM, Win7 x64.
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