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Im having blury 3d issues with my panasonic GT50, with the correct blue tooth panasonic glasses. The 2d looks great, i love the tv besides the IR issues im getting with cable stations in the corner.....Anyways When i play a 3d movie the picture is slightly out of focus, which is giving me an instand headache. Before i bought this i had a samsung led 7100, where the 3d was great and didnt hurt my eyes, i got ride of it because it just wasnt holding up to my old pioneer plasma. Anyways i love the plasma but the 3d is a bit blury, is that considered cross talk? Now before i took back the samsung i used there cheap 3d glasses that came with the tv and i still had the issue. Hense why i was like oh i need to buy the 80 dollar panasonic glass but im still getting the same issue.

So I guess the real question is, is there something in the tv setting that i need to change? I dont know think its the player because it was fine on the samsung tv. I have a sony bdp-s780, then i got the sony 790 last night and still have the issue. Is there any setting i need to tweak so is something wrong with my tv? Is there web page that has 3d setting i can try?

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