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My Optoma GT750 doesnt recognize 1080i or 720p, when i insert the hdmi from my dish network unit or xbox360 it automatically shows a 2160 x 1080 something like that or 1280 x 720, whats wrong?...i actually try this with my Optoma HD20 and no problem showing the 720 and 1080i resolutions, any help will be much appreciated.
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besides that, when those signals are received the menu is different, it doesnt show the color saturation bar nor other options, so apparently something is wrong with my projector.
sorry, 2160 x 1920 is the resolution my projector is showing, not 2160 x 1080.
sorry i am new to the projector scene and i don't know what this might be. i am sure there's many people on here on who knows but good luck having them respond. they often stare at the post and don't help...even if they know the issue.
i hope someone with a good heart would help me, as i cannot find the answer.
Same here, thanks for your "help"
Never had this issue with my GT750. I would force the sending device (dish receiver or xbox360) to send an output of 720p. Hook it directly to your gt750. It should show 1280x720 input. For 1080p it would show 1920x1080. Anything else (higher than that) I would think the projector is faulty. Try another HDMI cable also.
When i had Directv, using the same HDMI cable, the output was 720p or 1080i and the menu was complete, but with other devices im still having that issue, the 1980 x 2160 output, its like the projector recognizes the info as data nor video.
Color and tint options were present in the menu when i used to watch Directv, those are missing when im playing XBOX 360 and/or Dish Network, i dont know wtf is wrong, why does the menu change?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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