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I'm looking to tap the AVS experience base to make a smart selection for my first projector. My budget for the projector and screen is $15k max., and here are the details:

- Room - 12' wide by 16' deep with the screen on the short wall

- Screen Size - thinking 110

- Seating Distance - approximately 13'

- Viewing Habits - 65% sports and 35% movies

- 3D is not a priority for me

- I want a media room feel (modest ambient light) as opposed to a blackout theater

- Planning on using a screen like the DNP Supernova that will enable my media room approach

- Order of Picture Quality Priorities - 1) sharp and able to handle fast motion sports 2) ability to present natural and realistic colors, and 3) good to very good black levels

- I own pretty decent plasmas (Fujitsu P50 & Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-141FD), and I'm hoping to achieve that level of performance (or better) - just bigger

So - what do you think? Which projectors and technologies best fit my requirements? I'm looking for best fit in my price range which may not necessarily be the latest technology.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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