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Hi all - I have done the searching and have learned a lot, but still want to post my plans for some commentary that may save me from mistakes.

What I want to achieve:

Cable TV (some w/STB, some w/o), DVD output and control, and perhaps another AV source on all TVs. DVD viewable by simply changing to a set channel.

A minimum amount of cost and infrastructure.

So easy to use, even a cave man can do it.

What I have:

A media closet w/ network and cable. Source to all homeruns.

Comcast digital cable service w/some HD

One STB/HDDVR in den

DVD player (in Den, not in wiring closet)

What I plan to add:

A cable filter to clip out a small channel range

A modulator to inject audio and video into the filtered channels via coax

An IR/RF solution that will allow me to control the DVD player from another room

Cables needed to get the DVD signal to the modulator in the wiring closet

Are there any unexpected issues that I might run into? I know I'll have 2-chan audio everywhere but the den. One example that I just thought of: need a DVD player that can switch 4:3/19:9 with a single button press (ie not buried in menu) since I have a mix of TV aspects. Is there another way that fits the simple theme? Will STBs barf on injected signals?

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Just a warning, you will probably be disappointed with the quality of the dvd picture after modulating it. The modulator will really reduce the quality. It may be fine for CCTV but probably not for viewing dvds.
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