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Guidance wanted....

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ok, general question.....basement theater/media room....no windows, controlled lighting....what do i look for in a projector to play dvds and also use as regular viewing (cable tv)....hi def, etc.....
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Start with basics:

-Price range

-Mounting distance

-screen size

-screen type 16:9 or CIH

answer some of those questions to significantly narrow down your choices
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price range....anywhere up to 3500

mounting distance.....distance from screen to sitting area is approx. 23', so anywhere up to that

screen size....im staill waiting for measurments but a rough guess is i have roughly 8.5' width to use

screen type.... good question....which is better for overall viewing....

im not exactly fluent in projectors and screens, hence the reason for this post....\\

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I would start reading through the various forum threads. Basically you are going to get a million different answers at this point...and all potentially are right. You need to narrow down some variables, and reading and such is a good place to start.
$3500 price range gives you a pretty good price point to select from. Right off the bat I would say read some of the higher number reviews on here (Panasonic AE4000, Epson 8500/8700, etc...) see what others have done/used and also learn what problems are sometimes out there, i.e. dust blobs

CIH will be useful if you watch a lot of 2.35:1/2.4:1 movies. If the buld of what you watch is 16:9 (HDTV) then you can limit yourself on what projector may work. In all honesty it pays to read through this forum and take a look at some of the helpfule websites like projector central, it has a calculator for the projectors you select and can allow you to "move" things around to show what size screen and light output you can expect. I personally just picked up an Epson 8350 and love it. It fits my style perfectly, even though I had orginally planned on getting the Panny 4000.
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thanks...i agree with reading all of it but because there is so much i cant pick a starting point...i know im looking for dlp, and most of the watching will be hdtv, with a few movies once in a while.....and the price doesnt have to be 3500.00, it can be anywhere up to that......thanks again.....any more info let me know
Only thing I would suggest is viewing a DLP if you haven't. There are some physical issues that can occur with them for certain viewers...
Chances are you'll be very happy with most any projector if you have never owned one. I'd start at a place like projector people or visual apex and look at what the top 10 1080p projectors ok at are. Look at the prices and educate yourself a bit on lumens and contrast ratios,etc... Take down a couple of model numbers then come back here and search the forums. Hours, and I mean hours of information on each, with the occasional mindless banter. If you are still confused, keep asking specific questions here and you'll get plenty of educated answers.....and the occasional banter.... :)
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