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GWII fan/bulb noise: how bad?

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I've noticed a wide variation on what people think of the fan/bulb noise on the GWII. What's your opinion?

My fan seems relatively quiet; I hear it but it's quiet enough. But as someone already posted, there appears to be an additional noise associated with the bulb being on. On my set, this is a little louder than the fan noise. Again, when there is conversation or sound coming from the tv, I don't notice it, but in quiet scenes I do. Do others hear this "bulb" noise?

Ed van Belkom mentioned his third (!) GWII had very little fan noise, and I was curious if it was a defect, and if yes, if it's correctable without a replacement of the entire tv.
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My lamp/fan noises are very quiet. I don't even notice them unless I put my ear up close to the TV. Now my Dishnet receiver hard drive on the other hand...that thing spins with a lot of noise.
I don't notice any noise at in under normal viewing conditions. If I put my ear to the set in an absolutely quiet room, I can hear it. It is very low, but with any sound from the tv, surround setup or HTPC, you can't hear the fan.
wow, that sounds a lot better than mine :(

Maybe I'll take a look inside the panel and see if anything is loose.

Btw, how are your tvs postioned relative to the wall? is it in a corner

or parallel to the wall?
Originally posted by greendog
Btw, how are your tvs postioned relative to the wall? is it in a corner or parallel to the wall?
Mine is angled in a corner.
There are sevice menu adjustments for fan speed if you wish to go there (at your own risk). It appears that two fans have different speeds available (0-3) depending on whether the internal temperature is above or below a trip value. I believe when my set gets hot (>~45 degC) the fan speeds up to keep things cool.

The service menu also shows the current temperature so you can monitor the effects of a change, but I have no idea where the measurement is taken. My set was at 41 deg C with the house at ~22 deg C.
Mine is the recommended minimum distance from the wall - 4". Very low noise, only audible when there is a lull in the audio track of whatever I'm listening to.

barely hear the fan, the set is in the coolest room of the house, so ambient room temp is cool. Also, I wonder if there is a difference between fan noise on 60" vs 50" sets. I have a 60", maybe the bigger chassis diffuses some of the sound. As I said, barely hear it even when watching TV, can not hear it with a DVD and big speakers playing.
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