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GWIII (WE) question to UMR

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Is it possibpble to connect a compurer to the Sony GWIII using the DVI connection? If so, what are the possibilities?

Is just that I'm planing to buy a HTPC.

Thanks in advance.
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Could you please tell me exactlly where on the service menu could I adjust the screen size individually for the DVI input (diagonal and vertically) so that my computer desktop fit on the screen?

Thanks in advance
I am sorry if this seems rude, but that thread tells you how to do what you are asking. The service mode is fraught with problems. I would stay out of it if you can't figure it out from what I suggested you read.
No offense my friend. I know it is not easy to answer the same questions over and over, but I just just want to make sure I'm on the right side.

From what I read I think that those contrlos are in:



DHPH (Horizontal position)

DVPH (Veticle position)

MDHS (Horizontal size)

MDVS (Vertical size)

Can you please tell me if this is it and if these settings would only affect the DVI input?

I would really appreciate if you help me on this one.

Thanks again.
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Would you point me in the right direction then?

Ok, I did not understand clearly what you ment with that thread. Now I get it. Duuuhhh! What am I going to do with my self?

Looking at that thread it is the MID4 the one category I need to adjust, right?

If not I give up for today, but your advices are always welcome.

Thanks UMR
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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