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Gym/theater ballroom or smaller dedicated Theater

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I'm getting re familiarized with this forum after a long hiatus. It was a great resource when I built my last dedicated theater back maybe 11 years ago.

I currently have a roughly 14’ by 28’ space (16.5’ wide at one end) with low 7.5’ ceiling (6.5’ ventilation drops downs) dedicated for home gym and theater space. It is limited by some windows, doors, and a hallway opening.

My initial thoughts are to build gym and theater together in one open ballroom; however a small 11’ x 16.5” dedicated theater near lower wall is another option.

I’d like to build around a set of Jamo C80 speakers. I used them in a previous setup and they are about 11 years old. Are they too big for a small 11x16.5' room? The manufacturer recommends 18” from wall behind the speaker and 36” from the side walls which really cuts into the area of such a small room.
Why does the manufacturer recommend this spacing? I assume it has to do with sound reflections. With acoustical treatments can I get away putting the speakers closer to back and side walls?

Purely considering the audio, I must have better options (Atmos) using the large space vs a small room, no?

Should I use a big space plan or divide it up and use the small place option?

Anyone have a nice Gym/Theater combo?


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