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Gyration RF and interference

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I recently put my HTPC into my rack and noticed that my Gyration keyboard and mouse ocassionally get choppy. I have the USB sensor plugged into the back and have it sticking out of the rack.

Is there something in the rack (other electronics) that may interfere with the RF or will a ground loop affect a USB connection. The sensor is now on top of my speaker, will the magnets in the speaker affect the sensor? They seem to be less choppy if I sit closer, but were not a problem before and are supposed to work up to 30ft. Any ideas?:confused:
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Ohh...normally the Gryration/other wireless mouse/keyboard combos will only work if plugged into the back "powered" USB slots and not the front. However, if I got a powerd USB HUB for the front would they work then?

This way I could get the sensor further away from the rack.
Magnets, ground loops, etc. Shouldn't be a problem. Cordless phones and baby monitors might be however. Have you tried switching channels? The few times I've ever had an issue it was cleared up with a channel change. Just make sure to set your keyboard and mouse far apart.
Yeah, they are far apart....I have thried this several times. I use a 1Ghz phone, which does not interfer with my DSL hook up, but I wonder if my wireless routers are interferring?

They were never a problem when the keyboard/mouse were about 10ft away, but now that they are around 15, they are useless for gaming, and I even have to type slower. I also noticed on games that if I held down a key, (to walk forward), it would stop after about 20sec and I would have to push it down again.

I will probably be looking at other solutions like Logitech's Bluetooth.
That's wireless for you. I have the Gyration as well and it's as good as any wireless I had before it. It will come and go, sorta have it's days if you will. I get hiccups sometimes when I'm only a couple feet away. Could it be the metal plate in my head?
May have found the reason....but it is too late I have exchanged the Gyration for the Logitech Bluetooth.

Ok now truthfully....am I the only one who did not realize that the gyration's reciever antenna extends 5in?!?

No wonder why I was getting a choppy signal further than 10ft away. From the mixed reactions to gyration, I wonder how many other owners/previous owners never knew this?
Absolutely amazing!! I have been sitting here a little ticked that my mouse is going in and out and the keyboard occassionaly goes haywire. I have to switch to my MX700 for games! I am sitting aprox 15 ft from the antennea/PC. Now that I just read this, I get up, go pull the antenea to extend it and move it to where I'd RATHER have it sitting and WHA LAH!! It's working without a glitch! Thanks a million Max! I just sent them an e-mail earlier today about the false range claim of 30ft! OOOps!LOL I wasn't aware it extended like that either. After all these weeks of frustration! Thanks again.
What do you mean it extends 5 inches? It stands up straight, or can be laid down, but mine doesn't get any longer.

I know that can be taken many different ways, but no penis jokes please :).
Damn! I have the one like Spelosi, I was ready to be shocked. I don't have the extenstion that she needs (penis joke?). I wonder if there is a newer model?
Is this the Ultra you are talking about that just came out about 6 months ago? I don't think my antenna goes up anymore. I'll have to check!

Or maybe they revised it!
Yeah I have/had the Ultra. The one that comes with the mouse only does not extend but the one with the Ultra does. I am not sure about the mini keyboard one.
Yes, sure enough it extended! Might solve some issues I occassionally had. It just doesn't look like like the type of antenna that extends.
Some models extend and some don't. I have the one that doesn't. My problem is that I can only get the keyboard and mouse to work if they are on the same channel otherwise the receiver will not learn the keyboard. As far as choppy operation, when ever this happens I simply teach the receiver the mouse again and all is well.

I have the same issue. When I first bought this setup it all worked great now it's way too choppy for playing games. I want to throw the entire thing into lake Erie.

Is there a better keyboard and mouse to use?

I'm going to try to extend my antena but I don't think mine does that.
As you read....I said I had the Gyration. I returned it and while I was looking at replacements I found that it extended! I was a bit pissed but decided to try the Logitech Bluetooth.

The new combo works great! The combo is much more responsive. I had a problem at the begining but found that a Microsoft Bluetooth auto-update (hotfix) was conflicting with the Logitech software. Once I removed it...perfection. It always works. The mouse is much better with more buttons that are programmable. The keyboard is more solid.

It works so good that I use it 15ft away for online FPS! It also has a serial connection so that you can use the keyboard to get into the Bios.
I just got the gyration. Inconsistent from 15 feet. I hate to shell out the cash for the logitech bluetooth but may have to.
I hate to think about the cash I shelled out for the Gyration and the entire computer for that matter. I mostly built the thing to play games in my theater and if the keyboard and mouse don't work for that then really all of it has been wasted.

You would think in our world of wireless LAN and Internet connections and subscriber satelite radio stations, my mouse and keyboard could reliably work 15 feet away from the computer. :(

Don't say I didn't warn you. Check your thread. One thing to try, is if you are having problems with one or the other but not both, change the channel a few times, till you get one they both like. Also try moving the reciever base higher.
There was another thread on this in the HTPC section. Some in the thread called Gyration and Gyration admitted they are aware of a defective receiver base and Gyration sent them a replacement. I am calling tomorrow to try and get my replacement. When I first got my mouse and keyboard they worked flawlessly for weeks, on different channels even, and the response time was fantastic for games. Now I am on my second suite with the same issues that made me return the first.

PLEASE post that information here when you get it!!!

My antenna does go up but I still have the problem of it being too choppy.

I'm only about 10-12' away too.

What a pain.
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