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Gyration USB Mouse/Keyboard non-recognition problem - Win XP Pro

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I'm running WinXp Pro on a Dell Dimension 8400 with a Dell motherboard that has onboard USB.

Until recently, I was running a USB KVM with this and another PC and (cordless) Logitech USB mouse/keyboard shared via the KVM.

Picked up the Gyration mini KB/Mouse kit on woot a couple weeks ago, plugged in the receiver to a direct USB port on the back of the Dell, and all hell broke loose. OK, slight exaggeration ... instead of merely picking up the mouse/keyboard (which I was incidentally ABLE to get connected to the Gyration receiver on different channels), it asked me to enter a disk with a driver for the Gyration RF Device! This is apparently not standard behaviour for the gyration receiver, and I confirmed this by successfully testing the Gyration devices with my other KVMed PC directly ... detected as a simple mouse/keyboard and worked flawlessly, with no drivers needed!

Of course, I'd rather have the Gyration kit working with my Dell (more HP, but cruddy, upgradable video) ... so I tried to mess around directly with the Device manager, picked up the Gyration RF device's device ID and tried removing it from there, as well as (GASP!) the registry! Of course, being under the Current Control Set, Registry edits were essentially disallowed.

I tried the flush-XP-driver-cache method by starting in Safe mode, hiding the dirvers.cab file, and replacing it with the default file (larger, oddly enough) off the Win XP installation disc. Upon a reboot, this system now no longer recognizes ANY USB mouse/keyboard! Have I completely messed up my XP Driver cache? USB devices such as Digital camera, webcam etc still work, though!

I've tried un/re-installing the Logitech applications (Mouseware and ITouch for keyboard) as well, to no avail. I udnerstand they merely help configure/use the Logitech devices ... and rely on Windows' default drivers?

I'm making do with a PS/2 keyboard/mouse for now - but I WOULD like to get my old Logitech and new Gyration (hopefully via the KVM!) working with this Dell again, so I can upgrade this as my HTPC instead of my otherwise-inferior, older, handbuilt Athlon XP 2100+

Any suggestions? I understand that if everything was working fine to start with, the Gyration should work flawlessly (no drivers needed!), and this was the case with my older PC! But not the Dell ...
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That's odd. Does the gyration have the ability to use PS2 connections instead of USB? I know my Logitech wireless KB/mouse came with PS2 adaptors, which require no driver installations.
Nope ... no PS/2

On my other PC, it was LITERALLY plug and play. I'm wondering whether I should have waited tos et up RF channels until AFTER ensuring it had been detected correctly. I connected the RF receiver to a USB port on the Dell, and immediately upon seeing the light, set up channels/handshaking for the keyboard and the mouse. And THEN looked at the monitor.

Although the same process worked on the other PC, it had the benefit of an already 'connected' keyboard and mouse when the US adapter was plugged in.

Thanks for noticing and responding ... I know this isn't strictly HTPC! :)
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