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The Sunfire has a Zone 2 function that was programmed into my old Universal MX-980 remote as it's own page (by the installer). The default settings for the Harmony One only included a "Zone" button that had no effect. So I created a Zone 2 On and Zone 2 Off button and had the One learn them from the Sunfire remote. Worked like a champ. Now even my wife can turn the living room speakers on and off!

But, in order to control the volume on the Zone 2 speakers you have to either click a button on the front of Sunfire called "Zone Selection" and it will briefly control Zone 2 so the volume can be adjusted before resetting itself to Zone 1. Very annoying. As I said, the Universal had it's own Zone 2 page and would adjust the Zone 2 volume whenever it was on that page, so it's not really a command that the One could learn. It was, however, something the installer was able to program in...

Any thoughts? I have tried hitting the Zone 2 On button on the One and then immediately adjusting the volume, but it still just controls the main volume.
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