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h20 for ota only

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Hey guys, So I ended up picking up a h20 box after reading in the h20 thread that it could be used as a stand only stb to recieve ota hd/atsc. So I hooked it all up and it is saying that it needs to be activated in order to recieve off the air channels. Now from the looks of it, it sounds like this box is not going to work out for me beings I just want it for the ota stuff. Does anyone know of a work around or anything that can get me what I want out of this specific h20 model.

Thanks > A.J.
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toolarmyaj --

As far as I know, you're SOL on using the H20 as a stand alone OTA without activating a subscription to D*. You'll need an older model STB to do that.

Short of signing up for D* to activate it, as Carl said, you are SOL. Stay away from the H10 also, it needs to be hooked up to a dish to boot.
Try a Samsung TS-360 for OTA only, you can find them cheap on Fleabay and I like mine much better than the H20. The Sammy has a clock and much better guide menu/search functions.
Look into a Sony Hd 200 or 300 on Ebay. They will do over the air and don't not have to have a card or be activated to display the signal. They are also a very good receiver.
Add the Zenith 520, LG 3200A or Hughes HTL-HD to that list. The 520 is the same as the HD 200 and the 3200A and HTL-HD are the same as the HD300 under the covers (minus the RF remote on the HTL-HD).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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