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H7 vs H79

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Ok I need some help...I have a Dalite HCCV screen (106") and I am searching for a projector. Ambient light fairly well controlled, throw distance 13 to 14 feet. Never owned a PJ before. Do I purchase the Optoma H77 (3999 with free extra bulb) or spend an extra couple of grand for the H79. Will be used for DVD movies, HDTV and satellite SD signal. Would I notice the difference with the new chip? Is it worth the extra money?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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You might try reading the thread in which this post - which is one opinion of someone who has seen both side by side - is located.

Guitarman has observed less dithering and contouring in the H79 versus H77, and the consensus appears to be that the differences are incremental but clear. Whether that difference is worth $2K is up to you, but some have reported significant digital artifacts during pans with the H77.

Thanks for directing me to the other post...question answered....I am going with the H79
It will be interesting to see how different the picture is in a week or so when I jump from the H76 to the H79! Watched Leon - The Professional last night on the H76 - an absolutely beautiful looking picture! A very good if some what violent movie too.
Since I've had both the H77 and H79 up many different times I'd say there's huge step up once you've seen the difference. My wife says the same thing and insists she wants that one the H79. :)

Hey Craig, that's one of my favorite movies. You know I have a singer friend who's from Long Island New York and his younger brother was getting bugged by the girl in the Professional, he's kind of a good looking kid and I told him that girl is going to be a huge star. She looks pretty cute in the movie but he says she's skevie and wasn't interested. They were both at the same High School out on the Island. True story and look at her now. Went on to do some movie called Star Wars something ;)
Too funny Tom! A bit too violent for my wife and the neighbors wife left quite early. My neighbor Bob and I loved it though! Well, my H79 is touring the world right now via UPS, but Christmas is in March this year - like next week when it arrives! As soon as it gets here, should take about 20 minutes to swap out the H76 and see the difference!!Funny thing is I was enjoying the movie and thinking " how can the picture look much better than this " with the H76!!
How is the Warranty and Customer Support with the Optoma brand?
I'm pretty new to projectors and the H79 is on my shortlist of projectors.

What's the best screen for this puppy taking into consideration

longterm bulb brightness? I have a complete light controlled room, 100" diag, 15ft throw.

What's the offset on the H79? I noticed from the manual, lens shift is

+-100% but in reality how does that work out in a ceiling mount config?

How far from the ceiling would the screen be?
Originally posted by guitarman
She looks pretty cute in the movie but he says she's skevie and wasn't interested.
I'm not up on my slang. Skevie doesn't sound good. Hot, smart, etc would seem to fit to me, but I can only guess what skevie means.

EDIT: I haven't seen the film and just noticed on imdb.com that she was only 12 or so at that time. I meant "hot" now. :)

Cust service is excellent, they don't allow dead pixels either.

Offset, my first setup had the pj inverted ceiling mounted to a 92" wide screen. I could have the lens 6" higher than the top of the video on the screen. Using the shift at it's end point.

100% shift is 50% from the center point up or down.

I have it on a shelf now 12" down from the ceiling, the PJ is not inverted and I was able to shift the image all the way down.
Darin, I think she was cute then but turned skevie. lol

She's a hot money maker though. :)
what pj honestly competes with the H79 in this price range?

Did you ever have a chance to compare the H77 versus the 7205.

With the recent price drops they seem to be in the same ball park.
I saw the 7205 - nice machine. I prefer more contrast myself. Never saw them side by side though. The IF is a bit louder.
Originally posted by guitarman
Darin, I think she was cute then but turned skevie. lol

Yeah, Tom, but what does skevie mean? I checked the net and an online dictionary and could not find any definition for the term.


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