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Ha, the weird ways in which DMCA is good for business

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"A DRM software firm has sent cease and desist letters to Apple Inc. as well as other top media software providers, accusing them of copyright violations by choosing not to run proprietary anti-ripping tools....

As Media Rights Technologies had developed a software control that was approved by the RIAA and other agencies for locking down those streams, it reasoned that Apple and the other subjects of the cease and desist letters could be held liable for copyright infringement for "actively avoiding" use of those controls. Any company named in the letters that refused to purchase a license for the controls could face a federal injunction to halt distribution of affected hardware and software, Media Rights threatened.

The court action could also involve financial penalties as high as $2500 for every device or program copy that passed through the doors of the allegedly guilty parties. Media Rights' CEO Hank Risan claimed that the scale of the supposed violations made it necessary to force the targeted outlets to use its copy protection software...."


Pure evil....
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This could get interesting. I would love to see them really try to go after these four companies (Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, and Real Networks). I think it would be the end of the DMCA.
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