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Had an amazingly informative day with Barry from Orlando Digital TV last Saturday. Made an appointment with Barry to calibrate my new 60" VT60 and fine tune my new 5.1 system. Barry was great, he spent 6 hours at my house, answering all of my questions, getting scientific and nerdy with me. I had a blast and learned so much from him. We spent hours going through the VT60 and fine tuning every setting. He even took the time to properly set up my PS3, Apple TV and UVerse box. He spent the time and made sure everything was correct. I really appreciated his impeccable attention to detail.

The latter part of the day was properly tuning my new 5.1 system which consists of :

Marantz 1504

NHT Absolute Zero - fronts

NHT TwoC Center

NHT B-10d - sub

Polk Audio RC60i - in ceiling rears

I was breaking the tv in on"THX Cinema" and thought that it looked pretty damn good. But I wanted peace of mind knowing that my VT60 was looking the best that it possibly could. Barry locked my new settings in on Professional 1. The picture is stunning. Colors are so natural, and things just seem to pop. Black levels are insane. We watched the Star Wars marathon last week and I couldn't get over just how black space looked. Blue Rays are phenomenal. We had movie night and watched Elysium with Matt Damon. Again, the space scenes were breathtaking and the picture was so sharp and accurate. Audio was beautiful, dialog was crystal clear from the TwoC Center, I finally had great separation from the fronts and the b10-d was shaking the house.

The years of knowledge that Barry shared with me in those 6 short hours was so well appreciated. I took in as much as I could and had a great time. I highly recommend an ISF calibration for anyone with a VT or ZT60. I wish I could give a better, more scientific review, but my knowledge on the subject is limited. So I'll let the report do the talking.

My results:

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