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My wife and I are having our basement finished this week. I have an area for my home theater but due to low ceilings, I can't use my current Def Tech ProCinema 800 as my rear speaker for a 6.1 set up.

My wife and I spoke about it and she said she would be fine with in ceiling speakers for the rear, to create a 7.1 set up. Having a very limited budget for this project, I purchased monoprice's 8" in ceiling speaker. Will these sound at all decent with my current setup?

Here is the link for the speakers:

The are going to be used in conjunction with my Def Tech Pro Cinema 1000 FR/L, Pro Cinema 1000 Center, BPX sides, and Super Cube 3. Here is a floor plan of the basement. The are going to be mounted in the "bar" area which is just to the right of the theater area. Very close to where those lights are shown in the diagram

The BPX will me mounted by the pole and closet edge
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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