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Halo 3 Beta (via Crackdown) is LIVE & EXTENDED!

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Have fun!

Edit: Make sure you restart Crackdown as it will download an entire game update for you

Official Link from Bungie - And bravo Bungie!! They've extended the beta by FOUR DAYS until June 10th!! NICE

Originally Posted by Bungie.net /forum/post/0

It's been a long day for a lot of people but we're happy to announce that effective immediately, a title update for Crackdown is available on Xbox Live that will fix the issue that previously prevented you from downloading the beta. The Microsoft team just deployed this fix and when you launch Crackdown you should receive a prompt to download the update.

Please note that it could take up to four hours for your console to receive this update based on various factors. However, the good news is that we're in the clear and Halo 3 gameplay is just over the horizon.

We realize this has been a pain for many and an inconvenience at the very least. Given the circumstances, we've decided to extend the duration of the Halo 3 Beta from June 6th to June 10th at 11:59 PM PDT. So, you lost almost a full day of play today but to make up for it we're tacking on four more days (and a weekend at that).

We apologize for the delay and hardships this issue has caused and hope that it quickly becomes a distant memory clouded by good times playing Halo 3 with your friends.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We'll see you online!

Note : A rare bug has been discovered that sometimes results in improper text display in the game UI. Basically, you won't see any text at all. If you encounter this issue, you can fix it yourself by doing the following:

1. Restart your Xbox 360

2. Boot up the Halo 3 Beta

3. While the Halo 3 Beta is loading, immediately press up on the D-Pad and hold the A button until you see the Bungie logo. If you perform this correctly a dialog box will appear confirming maintenance has been done to your system.

4. Resume the Halo 3 Beta!
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At work.. Will do in the afternoon..
Not on my disc.

No title update and no download.
Crackdown booted, performed updated on XBLA, now downloading, not too slowly either.
I got it downloading

if having problems starting the download go into the dashboard



(push Y) on your hard drive

push (X X LB RB X X)

select yes

go back and download
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Its working for me. On Bugie's website it says it could take up to 4 hours to get it to your console. They extended the beta until June 10 11:59PM PDT due to the issues.
yep, downloading very slooooooooooowly.

well, it looks like gaming will have to wait until the morning.

have fun!
moving fast for me, I'm up to 34% in about 10 mins.
I'm downloading but its moving slow as shizzle. I'm at 5% after about 5 minutes. But at least the Beta is available for download. Looks like it will be a late night for me. I'm not sleeping until I at least get it loaded and take it for a spin
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I hope everyone gets faster on their downloads. Not trying to gloat.
Andrew911tt thank god for your conception. I was thinking about doing the "maintenence", but you pushed me over the edge and I am now downloading in AZ.
Well I was moving very fast, then at 58% my screen saver came on, so I pressed a button on my controler and it canceled the download!

I started it back up and now it seems to be stuck at 58%, what a rip off.

7% after like 10 minutes

wish i woulda cleared my cache 15 minutes earlier

my buddy started the DL and i couldnt get it to show up, i didnt clear the cache till 15min later

i'm sure in that time period 500000 other people started their d/l

he started like 20 minutes before me, and is done d/ling.
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