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I've had my theater set up in an apartment and then in two different houses that I rented but now I'm finally a home owner and I'm planning a dedicated room in the basement.

Some threads on this board have already helped me with the theater but I wanted to start a thread specific to my efforts (even though I keep a written log as well.)

I have decided against structural remodeling and after much deliberation have determined the space that will become the theater. The finished dimentions will be roughly 149x130x91. The screen wall is the 130 inch wall and the screen is planned to be 70 inches wide (not diagonally that would be 80) in the 16:9 ratio. The door is in the left (if your looking at the screen) in the rear of the side wall. Perhaps a diagram is in order, I'll see to it.

I imagine the theater building will consist of 7 basic phases.. Planning and Preperation, Framing, Wiring, Insulating, Finishing, Configuring, Updating and/or Upgrading. With this in mind I guess I'm close to phase 3 although some planning is certainly still being done.

The gear hasn't changed much lately and will consist of a Sony 1271 CRT front projector, Denon AVR-2700 receiver, Paradigm Titans in the front and rear and a CC-170 for the center channel. The DVD player is currently a DreamX providing component directly into the 1271 with special hardware setup that I developed myself. The seating will be theater seats I recently aquired from one of the local theaters in town here. I plan 2 rows. 3 in the front and 2 in the rear. The room will be optimized as much as possible for the front row and the back row will almost never be used. (I generally watch movies alone or with my wife or with my 2 kids.)

One perhaps interesting detail about my theater is that I am purposely keeping a window. It's a small window.. 26x12 and I will have some way to close it off that's insulated for light and heat and sound. I want to keep it because I can vent the room from time to time to keep it "fresh." In one of the houses I previously rented I had a similar sized room that I was using and occationally had a movie party and everyone was gasping for air after the film as the room was far too stuffy. Not that I plan to have the window open often but just now and then to try to keep the room from being stale.

I plan on a hush box for the ceiling mounted projector that vents out of the room and also plan to keep all the gear (except for the speakers) outside of the room in a hall next to it. Also,.. the door will open out and the rear speakes will be wall mounted to try to keep the room from seeming too small (which perhaps it is.)

I will see about posting some diagrams and pictures and such. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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