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Handbrake using QuickSync

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I'm sure many of you have already read this over on Anandtech. I'm hopeful this will accelerate my BR recodes. I currently allow Handbrake to only utilize 3 active threads for transcoding and it causes many a BR to take 6 hours or more to move to H.264. I'm interesting to see what offloading this to my HD4000 iGPU can do.

HandBrake to get QuickSync Support
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FYI, the beta is now available. I did some comparison test on my Core-i3 3225 w/ HD4000 and I saw 4x performance gain. Not sure how it fairs on higher end Core i5 or Core i7 systems.

I also tried OpenCL beta and only saw marginal gains on encoding process on my other system.
I tried it about a week ago and had some pretty good results. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1336046/ripping-blu-rays-ii/3040_40#post_23338860 is some of what I found. Just a warning, expect to get flamed for the 'blasphemy' of mentioning QS...
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