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Sony Bluray & AVR245 Problem??


Hello everyone . Been lurking for a few weeks trying to fix a problem with my new avr 254 and I am still stuck and Harmon Kardon support could not help if you can believe it??

My problem is this:

I have a Sony Blu Ray Model BDP-S300 connected by HDMI Cable to AVR which then feeds in to a Toshiba 65H84C. And I cannot get any picture or sound through HDMI Connections. When I first set up the system it worked great for 1/2 a dvd then it wouldnt play again.

Things I have Tried that resulted in still having the same issue:

1-Downloaded Firm Ware update and installed on AVR

2-Downloaded latest update from Sony and installed

3- Tested all HDMI connections tried brand new cables.

4-Plugged HDMI directley into tv and it worked fine.

5- Called H/K support in Canada and he was not able to help just said they dont appear to be "shacking hands". When asked what to do next, he asked where I bought it from when I told him future shop he said they would send it to another repair centre should I want to return it since FS is not reliable "his words"

6- Connected it using Component conections and some spare RCA audio plugs and it works

In searching the forms I have not been able to find any issues with Sony Blu Ray and H/K issues specifically so i am hoping some one could help.

When I just had had on HDMI from the blu ray into the avr I could not pull up the avr menu on screen and I could only hear sound if I changed the input selection on the Toshiba TV. But never pic with sound.

I am ready to get rid of it all together since paying $799 for an amp that doesnt work is starting to get to me. I can watch satelite no problem but not dvd. Hopefully some one can help if they have been through same experience. Any help would be appreciated in helping me because I am ready to take it to the store and set in on fire in front of any one screaming at the top of my lungs what a peice of do-do these things are... I am almost thier hopefully it wont get that far
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