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Hannspree 32" LCD Model ST32AMSB

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Looking for a 32", spare room set. Anyone laid hands on one yet ? Reviews on Costco are all 5 star, out of 10 reviews. Do I put out extra bucks for Sony or Panasonic ? I know you usually get what you pay for but the reviews seem promising. I'm really not looking for top of the line anyways, I have a panny plasma and a Toshiba 46"ers for that quality. I will go in store and check em out soon, just doing a little armchair scouting on 32's.

Did my research here for all my other electronics and posters here have not done me wrong but not any topics for this tv to research.

Narrowed down to these 3 so far:


Model ST32AMSB

Sony Bravia

Model KDL-32EX301

Panasonic 32"

Model TC-32LX24
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Please read forum rules at top (in stickies) about price talk - non-MSRP pricing, links and such. Thanks.

Just for newbies rules huh. Do a search yourself plenty of prices in the threads I read.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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