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Inside The Mind (And Studio) Of Hollywood’s Music Maestro

From The Holiday to Inception, Man of Steel to 12 Years a Slave, how Hans Zimmer’s gorgeous studio has helped him make memorable music for some of Hollywood’s most popular films.

Yes these rooms are all nearfield quested monitors but a s proven by the incredible clarity of Pharrells' FUN_FUN_FUN and HAPPY themes even pushing the threshold of sound fidelity in indubitably crppay horn based systems, the clarity of the music punches through. That is how I started my quest, from having Naomi Campbell asking to play over and over again Chapter 13 of Despicable me Fun-Fun-Fun in 4D to more stars that walked the last oscars red carpet, in consecutive art basel demos at Skoll. I then tracked down where it was recorded and asked to audition myself. Before I spoke to Quested....

If that contribution to the heightening of the end product is possible just as the scoring rooms, imagine when that quality is taking into the dubbing stages, our current objective.
This verisimilitude in film sound has been been demanded vociferously from many a content creators like Jerry Bruckheimer, that approved their music score after listening at Hanz's, later for masterpiece to be "butchered" by horn speaker systems at the dubbing stage. Most use QSC and JBL very few do Meyer, meyer in the one eye man in the land of the blind, but for audio.:D

So in the future when the 100 year old systems are replaced by something better, we will know whence the genesis of this process began.




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