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I have just got this TV, I am using it with my Xbox (Not 360) with XBMC installed for a media player. I First bought new cables and when plugging them in just got the pic with heavy blue saturation, I referred back to the supplier they supplied another cable just in case this was faulty, it was the same. I searched on this forum for an answer but cannot find one, I then found that there was a service menu by holding down the 2 top right buttons and pressing the power button. Now in this menu there is an option to run White Balance, when I do this all is well, and the picture is perfect. But every time I change the input or the Xbox flickers the picture reverts back to the blue screen scenario.

Does anyone know of a way to lock in the setting???

Also I have four RCA's for Component input, red, blue, green and a yellow one, i only have 3 r,g,b, anyone know what the yellow one is??

Thanks in advance, Mark.
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