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Happy with Ashly FET-2000 M pro amp

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I started researching separate amps, and pro amps. Finding a good affordable amp, with low floor noise, low distortion, and gobbles of power was not as easy as I though.

The darn things had distortion, had lots of floor noise(hum and hiss) or was close to $1000cnd.

I shopped the Toronto area during my Christmas vacation. I went to a "high end" store. They had suggested an Ashly ftx-2001 amp. They stated it had the best sound for my application, that they carried. However, It was $1700cnd plus taxes on sale!!!

They sold every flavor of amp thinkable, even HK, Lexicon(starting at $3kcnd,)Merantz.....Crown..QSC..ect......................... ...... yeah, I was drooling...

Next day, I went to a chain Music and Instrument store, and found a used Ashly FET-2000 M, same specs as the Ashly ftx-2001 amp , but for $400 with a 3mth warranty. Instead of asking a sale men to help me, I went straight to the technician in the back. I pumped him for info, without telling him my interest in the Ashly.

After telling him my situation, he steered me to a Ashly amp and a Yorkville studio amp new or used. He said they are the smoothest, most transparent amp out there as a proamp goes, used in a home or studio application. So I picked it up.

It sounds amazing! No hum or hiss even at very low levels. My speakers have more dynamic range and lower details that they lacked. I even have good bass.

The mids slightly improved, but the highs did not improve, but sound"ed" Good before the change.

Once my 3mth warranty is over I will replace the fans for whisper quiet ones, However the current ones are quieter than my home computer.

My system:

Athena AS-F2.2 mains

AS-C1.2 center

AS-R1.2 rears

Ashly FET-2000 M

HK 235

LG 7832 DVD


15" sub custom box driven by Old Sherwood high current amp

Bell expressvu 6100HD

Hitachi 51S500 rptv

A special thanks to Ron Temple for all the help. My system is finally done...

Well for now anyways.

Here is the spec sheet of the amp.

Ashly FET-2000 M

EIA Rated Output/ch

8 ohms 300W

4 ohms 500W

2 ohms 675

8 ohms mono bridged 1000W

4 ohms mono bridged 1350


1KHz, 8 ohm 0.004%

20 Hz, 8 ohm 0.01%

20-20KHz, 8 ohm 0.05%

IMD (SMPTE) 8 ohms 0.004%

IHF, 8 ohms 0.01%

Damping Factor >100 20Hz--20KHz

Bandwidth 100KHz

Slew Rate 50V/uS

Frequency Response +/-0.5dB 10Hz--50KHz

Rise Time 2uS 10%--90%

Full Power Input Sensitivity 1.7V

Hum and Noise >110dB below full output

Weight 65bs
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