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I've had my X4000 for about a month now and am really enjoying it. I got a great deal from "JD" @ AV Science. I make major audio/video purchases about once every ten years so it is important to have a good resource for support. I've spent the last 3 weekends tinkering and getting all my other peripherals integrated with the new SOTA receiver. I'm still experimenting with how to play all my digital music files. Right now I'm leaning toward XMBC.

Here is my setup just for reference;

Denon X4000 using 7.1 powering SBL-SBR

Sunfire Cinema Grand amp (5 x 200 watts) FL-C-FR, SL-SR

McIntosh SL-6 FL,FR

Mcintosh HT4 center

Infinity OMS1 Side surrounds

ADS L620 Rear surrounds

Infinity IL-120s Sub

Technics SL1200 turntable

Win7 based HTPC with BluRay and DVD

Nakamichi Lx5

I have a question about the high quality music downloads available on the web. I'm concerned about spending the time and money on downloading a 96k/24bit classic album and having mixed results. I was wondering if there are sites with reviews about HD audio downloads. I have been to the Steve Hoffman forums but I was wondering where everyone else for good reviews.
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