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Hard choice ...

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Good day !!

I want to buy a new hometheather ... a/v receiver + 5 speakers

I'm looking for the Maranzt 7500, Denon 3806, Pioner Elite VSX-72TXV ... Arcam AVR250 (But more expensive)

99.9% is for home theather ... I prefer quality than power ... I want to have more details possible ...

I want to know your opinion about that ... Every answer will be appriciated ...
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>I prefer quality than power ...

All of your choices have very positive feedback from most folks here. I am a Denon fan (I have the 3805) but have not heard the others. Traditional advice on the forums is that if you do NOT have speakers or amp yet, you spend about 2/3-3/4 of your budget on speakers, as they make the biggest difference and last longer without becoming obsolete.

So, first of all, what's your budget?

Second, you don't mention a sub, but with you doing 99% HT, you NEED a sub, and a good one will make all the difference in the world. Again, budget matters. If you are stuck
I, too, own denon 3805 and love the denon for HT application. It is comparable (when price is) to the pioneer elite receivers imo. The marantz imo is better with music but since you listen .01% of the time to music who cares. I would go with denon or yamaha in your shoes and not even look back a second. I don't think you would notice a difference in sound, so just pick a model that fits your budget and has the gadgets that you desire.

As far as speakers are concerned, we will need some more info as cneely8 has already stated.
My budget is arround 4000-5000$ and I already have a sub ... I own the Paradigm PW-2200 ...

I'm looking for A/C receiver about 1350-2000$

Meaby that's will be the B&W 600 series for the speakers ...
Speakers are the KEY and I would decide on those first.

Let's take this one step at a time by answering the following questions... that way we can come up with the ideal solution.

1) What's your budget? (oops, didn't see the answer was already posted before writing this)

2) Do you have a speaker preference (brand, size)?

3) Do you have a receiver preference (brand, specs, etc)?

4) What's the size of your HT room? Does it have carpeted floors?
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Originally Posted by dfcore
I'm looking for A/C receiver about 1350-2000$
Checkout Rotel and Sherwood Newcastle - both have offerings in your price range to bring out the best in those speakers.
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