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I have an nMediaPC case 400BA that holds 3 hdd's and have 2 installed. I'm out of space and need to put a 750GB somewhere. I have GA-M69G-S3H MB and use IGP and use HDHomeRun forTV. Heat is not a problem, but 3 HDD's ,a 1/4" apart does not look good. I have 2 SS Spinpoint 500 and adding a WD 750. I can not get any SMART reading in Speed Fan from the Spinpoints.

Do I have a problem with heat with 3 hdd's?

How can I monitor the HDD temps?

There is no good place to mount a fan, but I could just cram a 60mm fan in between the cables and hdd's. Crazy??

What do you think of my plans and do you have suggestions?

Bob Howell
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