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Hard Target 4K UHD Unrated Directors Cut

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Coming Soon on 4KUHD!

Brand New Dolby Vision Master Supervised by the DP

Unrated Director’s Cut and U.S. Theatrical Cut!

"Woo wanted to make sure we were restoring his preferred cut, before
agreeing to an interview. The infamous workprint cut is not his cut and will
not be included and even if we wanted to, there's no way we could
include it, since the needed scenes no longer exist."

"New interviews with John Woo, Lance Henriksen, Yancy
Butler were all scheduled. We're still working on JCVD
and a few others. Arnold Vosloo turned us down. The
director's cut is 100 minutes, the US cut is 97 minutes.
Foreign version has more blood and Guts."

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Great news! that is one of my favorite movies
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Any news on whether the audio got a new mix? I'll pick it up either way, but was curious.
Preorder is up.

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Apparently the 5.1 audio on the UHD disc is borked. Kino issued a statement on the issue.

Kino Lorber Insider said:
We plan to fix the 5.1 error on the 4K disc of HARD TARGET and will setup a replacement program as soon as possible. Please don't return your discs or cancel your orders, we'll share the signup links later this week.
And here it is:

Hard Target Replacement Link:
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