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Hard Target - DVD, Laserdisc, Least Cut Version?

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I dusted off my laserdisc collection in the basement and found my copy of Hard Target. It's the original LD release in February 1994. Universal/MCA home video.

UPC: 0-9689-41824-6-5. ISBN: 0-7832-0879-0

It's 1 hour and 37 minutes. 2-sided CLV disc. The Japanese version is supposed to be 3 minutes longer. The other versions of LD's are listed on IMDB.
I heard the Dr cut was 116Min's and the studio said no to it.
It was the MPAA its pretty damn violent, the work print is 2:00.33 with no credits and is from a VHS source

Originally Posted by NagysAudio /forum/post/19446284

So is the UK PAL DVD version of Hard Target the same as the Japanese Laserdisc? With the 3 additional minutes? Is that the most it was ever restored in an official release, 3 minutes?

Would this be the one to purchase?: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hard-Target-...9073311&sr=8-1

If you're in the USA do you have a player that handle Region 2/PAL? Otherwise I don't see the point - it's listed as 96 minutes long.
If you ending up ordering this from Amazon UK I would like to know if it is indeed the unedited version as a 2009 reviewer states. Thanks.
Pal dvd is uncut unrated version that lasts 1:35:28 meaning something near 1:39.?? mins in ntsc, but it's letterboxed(atleast mine is, though i've seen it in anamorphic and uncut in tv and that did have better picture quality).

Here is comparison of unrated vs rated.

Edit: russian dvd is anamorphic and uncut with english audio.

Originally Posted by NagysAudio /forum/post/19532472

Where can I get the anamorphic unrated Russian DVD of Hard Target?

That is going to be difficult, maybe ebay/amazon or google can help you?

Originally Posted by NagysAudio /forum/post/20634297


Can anyone confirm that this is uncut?

It's ping pong language, hard to say.

Try this, its uncut r2...but its only letterboxed, what i know.


...or this.

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