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hard to find titles

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Hi, I'm looking for some obscure titles on DVD.

Specifcally Belo Tarr's "Satantango" and Peter Greenaway's "Baby of Macon".

Does anyone have a good source for less commercial dvds? I've googled both with no success.

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This isn't exactly down the street from you, but you can contact them for a catalog and probably purchase from them over the phone or fax. Even if they don't have a title (very rare), they are usually very helpful about pointing you in the right direction.

Eddie Brandt's Saturday Matinee

Problem is, most of their inventory is VHS because DVDs just haven't caught up with the vast backlog of what is on video, particularly in that "obscure" category you're looking for.

Don't let the quaint store name fool you. This little place is where local Hollywood studios' research departments go to find the stuff no one else has.

Notice the odd store hours? They open when they damn well feel like it and the place is usually packed with serious movie/television buffs, writers, researchers and students from the moment the doors open until the moment they close.
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AFAIK, Satantango is not yet released on DVD. However, you can find Baby of Macon in Australia (Region 4). The publisher is Siren Entertainment / Shock DVD Video Distribution.


Cool thanks for the info guys.

I spent most of my productive man hours yesterday researching these and discovered that indeed Satantango has only been released on VHS and is currently out of print .

Baby of Macon is indeed back in print, and will be available from March 9th Thanks digitalboy. If anyone wants to know more:


Probably the most shocking film I have ever seen. Makes "The Cook, the thief his wife and her lover" look like Disney. Grotesquely beautiful though.

Hitchfan, that Saturday Matinee store looks like quite the resource. If I lived a few thousand kilometres to the east, I'd definitely invetigate. However as far as I could tell they are a rental outlet, which is not really suitable.

Anyway, thank again for your help.
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I'm still waiting for a reissue of Speed. :(
Originally posted by digitalboy
However, you can find Baby of Macon in Australia (Region 4). The publisher is Siren Entertainment / Shock DVD Video Distribution.
Darn. There goes another "laserdisc exclusive." You're one step closer to retirement, my beloved LDV-8000... :p
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