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Hardware differences between 2020 and 3030 ...

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... not counting the hard drive size.

I am now the owner of both a ReplayTV brand 2020 and 3030. I just got the 3030 from Mercata on a powerbuy. When I hooked both of the units from the same cable feed (using a splitter) I notice that the picture and sound on the 2020 (which has 3.0 software) is much worse on one of my channels then the picture on the 3030 (which has 2.0 software).

I have done a whole series of cable swapping to rule out that it is not the cables from the wall to the units, the splitter, the cables from the units to the TV (S-Video VS Patch cable).

My main question is between the 2020 and the 3030 were there any major hardware changes to get a better picture (different MPEG encoder) and better sound.

3030 = Better picture and louder sound

2020 = Worse picture and quieter sound

Any info is appreciated.

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My underestanding after seeing this topic (2020) many times is that the 2020 used a "cheap" tuner and the problem is fixed in the 3030??
Yes, the 30X0 models have an improved tuner for the RF input. It eliminates the problem people had with the difference in audio volume between inputs.

The 30X0 models also reinsert any Macrovision signal that was present in the originally recorded signal.


Remember, it's just television...
Hi all, the 3000 series also keep the CC on the buffered-live tv and the recordings




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