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I have decided to set up a music server to simplify things a bit. This will involve transferring record albums to a hard drive and then outputting the music to one or many different amps/speaker setups scattered about the house.

My stereo equipment is all middlen quality and old. It includes a 45year old H.H.Scott 222c tube integrated amp ~20 watts RMS (3-channel). An Onkyo A-8015 integrated amp ~55 watts RMS (4 channel) and another Onkyo amp and preamp that as I recall is about ~105 watts RMS (4 channel)(I don't have the model info handy ATM). I have an old Rotel RP-1100Q with a shure 810e cartridge that I was going to use for the transfers. I'd been told the phono stage on the H.H Scott is quite good and if true I guess I'd use it for the transfers.

The computer: a DFI lanparty Nforce4 sli UT using either an AMD opteron 170, WD 250 Gig sata HD, the onboard sound chip is a Realtek ALC 850 7.1.

Given the above listed equipment I'd like some advice. Will the onboard sound chip produce clean accurate copies of my albums? I've read that a new sound card (even something as a inexpensive as Chaintec AV-710) would improve music output quality but I haven't read anything definitive on input.

Using a program like Audacity am I better off recording at the highest possible sampling rates then downsampling if I wish to make a CD?

I new to most of this and any direction or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
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