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Hi All,

Went thru most of the FAQ (not necessarily understood everything).

What I currently have:


San Jose, USA


Panasonic PT-50DL54 (50 inch DLP, 1280x720p)

TV has HDMI (1), Component(3) and RGB(2). There is _no_ DVI input.


CPU: AMD XP2800+

Mem: 512MB PC3200 DDR

Motherboard: ECS n2u400a (based on nVidia nForce2 chipset)

There is a SPDIF header on the motherboard. Probably need to buy

a riser card or something. Need to figure it out how to do that.

Video: Maddog MX 4000 (nVidia MX4000 chipset, 128MB DDR, S-video and DVI out)

TV Tuner Card: open (but want to buy HDTV tuner card)

If using Linux, then only HD-3000 is the option.

Otherwise for Windows XP, any "stable" HDTV tuner will do.

OS: open (open for WinXP or Linux)

I'm not a fanatic. I care more about the functionality, such as time shifting, pause, rewind, live, automated scheduled recording etc. I'm running both Windows and Linux at home. Linux runs my web/database server. All workstations run Windows.

Main Question:

How do I view programs recorded in 1080i/720p on my TV ? The RGB connection as per the TV manual can only do 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768. So, how can I view material in 1280x720 ? How will the 16:9 HD recorded program will look on 1024x768 ?

Do I need to set the resolution on my graphics card to 1280x720 ? But as per the manual, its not supported. My other option is to buy a VGA to component cable and plug in the component to the TV. Will that work and I'll be able to see the 16:9 material as recorded ?

I think DVI to component is probably very expensive. Dont know if DVI to HDMI will work with my TV.

Other Questions:

I've just started reading about HTPC. In the linux world, I think mythTV is pretty solid. In the Windows world, there are several programs(shareware and commercial). Has anyone any opinions on Windows programs having similar functionality as myth ?

HDTV tuner card:

If I pick Linux, then the only choice is HD-3000 ( www.pchdtv.com ). But if I pick Windows, what are my choices for a stable HDTV tuner card ? I read that the first (only?) release of ATI's HDTV card was quite aweful.

Thanks in advance.

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