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Harmam/Kardon AVR 247 Receiver

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. It involves the receiver though, so I put it here.

I just bought the following:

Blu-ray BD-P1000

Sharp 52" 1080p LC-52D62U

Harmam/Kardon AVR 247 Receiver

I am having the following problems with them:

No surround sound (Says surround sound off)

Only 1080i, which looks like an upconverted 720 (not sure if it is or not)

I have the blu-ray player connected to one of the receivers HDMI ins, and the TV is connected to the receiver at the HDMI out.

I've also tried connecting the blu-ray player directly to the TV using HDMI, but it's still displaying in 1080i.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Does HDMI not support even 5.1 surround sound?

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I believe you need HDMI 1.3 (not supported by the 247) to get sound along with the video...?

I would try hooking up the sound sepereately with digi-coax or optical...

not to hijack here, but this is sort of in context :

- I have the AVR 145 (no HDMI) and plan to by pass it completely with regard to video, but I am wondering if that will cause me issues in terms of needing the onscreen set-up menus when setting up the receiver - anyone have any ideas if I can set up the HK AVR 145 without video hooked up to it at all?

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well I AM getting sound, and it's coming from all speakers, but I don't believe it is 5.1 surround. It says surround sound is off when playing a movie.
You don't need HDMI 1.3. I have the 247, and I have it hooked up to a Blu-ray and HD DVD player. To get 1080p picture and high quality sound, you need to:

Go to the On screen display on the 247 (OSD button) while you have the input set to the HDMI port the Blu-ray player is connected to. Go ahead and pop a disc in the Blu-ray player, also. On the OSD of the 247, go to inputs and make sure you have audio for this input set to HDMI (there also might be an option to set it to PCM, which you need to do). Now on the Samsung Blu-ray player make sure that you have sound set to output via PCM over HDMI, also. You also have the choice to set the output resolution on the Samsung to 1080p. I don't own the Samsung Blu-ray player, so I can't tell you how to adjust those settings.

On the disc menu of the Blu-ray disc, choose DD 5.1 or 5.1 Uncompressed PCM (if available). If you do all these things, you should get surround sound.

Also, the 247 just passes 1080p without any processing. So if the Samsung player is outputting 1080p, then your TV should get 1080p.

One thing you might also think about doing is running the autosetup for the 247 (again, using the on screen display). It will recognize how many speakers you have, what size they are, what distances they are from where you typically sit. Go into the instruction manual to see how to go through the setup.

If you still have the same problems after doing all this, then you need to read through the manual. Good luck.

EDIT - One more thing. Go to this thread that is dedicated to the AVR-247. There is a lot to skim through, but people have asked and answered a lot of questions about setup and problems they're having with this receiver.
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I used to own the 247 for two weeks and while I had a video scaling problem for 480p sources, I know for sure that 1080p pass through works and PCM 5.1 works through HDMI.

I use a PS3 for Bluray.
you might try to check the setup on your blu ray player. I don't know about those players, but I know my brand new progressive scan dvd player came configured to output 480i and stereo rather than 480p and digital 5.1
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