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I am currently running a HK 1600 that i bought used, I have the opportunity to buy a denon 1712 open box for 179+ tax locally, which would include warranty and a 30 day return period.

My current setup looks like this

Benq w1070

HK avr 1600

Klipsch rf 42

Klipsch rc 52

Klipsch synergy f2

Velodyne dls 4000r sub


Cable box

Everything is hooked up via HDMI.

I will eventually be upgrading to 7.1 in the near future.

Is this an upgrade or am i just going from brand to brand along the same level of product?

Edit to include links:


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I also have an AVR 1600. I think it sounds pretty good and seems to have plenty of power despite its low rating.

The big difference with the 1712 will be the Audessey room correction. It uses the XT version which is supposed to be pretty good. Likely better than the antiquated EZSet EQ from Harman.

Since it has a 30 day return period you have nothing to lose. Hook it up. Run Audessey and see if it's better. If it is keep it, if not return it. If you keep it you can likely get a good chunk of the money spent by selling the HK.

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Thanks Kini62, I went to go buy the denon and they couldnt find the remote

Oh well back to the drawing board, i like the idea of the Audessey room correction so im going to keep looking for a well priced denon
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