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Hey guys,

So im kindof upset right now. I just got my avr240 back from repair, it wasnt sutting down properly and would stay in a mode between standby and shutdown when turned off. That problem was fixed with a new standby battery, however last night i set everything back up, turned up a CD to -5, was having a great time, when bam, my speakers go dead, and i hear a buzzing \\ music coming from inside my amp!

After checking the speakers to see if they were damaged, one of my wires came loose and crossed with the other, shorting out the connection.

I thought when this happened the amp would just go into protection so as not to get damaged, however this ("silence") lasted for a few seconds and then my amp turned off. Now when i power it back up, it stays in protection.

Ive checked the fuses i can see, and they are all still in mint condition. Did i fry some capacitors or something? The unit is under warranty, however i dont want them thinking that im breaking it on purpose as its only been one day sence ive gotten the unit back!

Let me know what you think the prob might be, im thinking of waiting a week or so before i call it back in.
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