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Hey guys, so I have a Harman kardon AVR 158. There are 4 problems. This all started very recently.

1. My amp is about 5-10db quieter.

2.The sound has gotten very bass and treble heavy. It's like someone has bumped up the bass and treble. Like an EQ in a V pattern. My settings are still the same. Tone is out and sub gain is still low. But it sounds so different.

3.I noticed that my speakers distort at certain frequencies. I swapped the front and rears but no dice. With time I found out that since I have small satellites, they distort with certain mid bass frequencies. I've always had my crossover at 120hz. Never changed it. Never happened before, but it's distorting now. Changing it to 200hz (highest) reduces the distortion. Reducing the bass down to -10 reduces it further, but it's still there.

4.Now comes the biggest confusion. All this happens only when using HDMI. It sounds fine when using the radio. No distortion. The volume is still low, but no distortion and no boosted bass or treble. Weird.

What could this be?
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