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Hi all


i would apprechiate some help, i am UK based and am looking to buy a budget AV reviever to hook up my PS3, HDTV and laptop music.


The YAMAHA RXV-375 seems very good value for money although the YAMAHA RXV-475 looks perfect for my need, here it is £80 more.

an older model is available at YAMAHA RXV-573 (now discontinued) but i am hesitant to buy this, and know little about the Harmon Kardon model at £200.

The site i am using is http://richersounds.com/products/home-cinema/home-cinema-separates/av-receivers#1 -Ideally i would have network features as well.


I am planning on buying some 2.0 speakers to start with  (can't get Andrew Jones Pioneers here. Have been looking at the Dali Zensor 1's.

Then upgrade as i want.


I would really apprechiate some advice on the best sound quality for my money, i'm keen on the yamaha's because after much research they seem to do this and dont outsourse their products.


please also see my other post:


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